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Have You Ever Been To The United States Of America?

Here in the Republic of the United States, you do not need to visit the country physically to get a feel about the government’s history and culture. In this page, we will give you some of the known locations in the United States if America that hold a significant background of the great nation.

Oldest City in the United States of America is Actually in Florida

You might think that the oldest city in the United States is located in the original 13 colonies. Perhaps you might have guessed Boston, Philadelphia, or Baltimore, Maryland, but all those guesses are wrong. In fact, the oldest city in this country is Saint Augustine, Florida, which is quite surprising for many because this city is found by a Spanish explorer, Pedro Menendez de Aviles. Saint Augustine was made as a settlement area as early as 1565, specifically on August 28 of that year when de Aviles reached the shore. Before the city was officially annexed to American power, Saint Augustine was transferred from Spanish to British rule for numerous times.

Washington, D.C. Is Not The First National Capital

It is interesting to note that the current capital of the United States of America, Washington, D.C., was originally not the supposed center of power of the nation. Washington did not become the capital until 1790, but the first city to achieve this recognition was actually Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This city was made the capital in 1774 when the First Continental Congress set a meeting there. However, its capital status did not last very long as many other cities held that title for 16 years until Washington snatched it permanently in 1790.

You Should Go To The United States of America’s National Park

If you ever visit the United States, try to go to the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, which was the first established official national park in the country. President Grant in 1872 first declared Yellowstone as a national park due to its scenic and natural significance. If you haven’t known it yet, the Yellowstone National Park is actually where the world’s largest volcano used to sit.




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