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FunĀ Trivia About The United States of America

DID YOU KNOW that the United States of America is a federal republic? Just like any other countries that have a republican form of government, the United States is governed by elected representatives and a leader, which is the President of the United States (POTUS). However, the country is divided into different states, each having their own power and rulings. The state governments share the same sovereignty as the federal government.

DID YOU KNOW that the government of the United States of America has three branches, namely the executive, legislative, and the judiciary? The differences and separation of power of these branches are indicated and protected by the Constitution. Thus, it is important that these three must remain independent of each other at all times, and there should be not even one instance that one branch forces its will into the other.

The executive branch of the government of the United States is headed by the President, aided by his assigned cabinet members. This branch is bestowed the power to enforce the law of the nation, and is the one exercising the authority and responsibility to run the government. Meanwhile, the legislative branch is separated into two houses or chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The power of the legislative is concerned with the passing of new laws, as well as the amendments of the existing ones. Lastly, the judicial branch, or judiciary, is composed of the Supreme Court and lower federal courts. This particular branch, unlike the executive and the legislative, has the only power to interpret the laws. For example, the Supreme Court is considered as the final arbiter of the Constitution.