Biden Plans to Push the $1.9 Trillion Aid Even Without Support from the Republicans

Pres. Biden is still struggling to get Congress to act urgently on his COVID relief package to address the worsening health crisis amidst a political divide. The president has not been receiving signs of support from the Republicans in relation to his $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. Still, President Biden is not backing down on his plans, stating that even without the support of the Senate Republicans the COVID relief plan will be passed with no excuses, reservations, or restrictions.

The President’s struggle lies mainly on the fact that Congress has already approved a total of $4 trillion in financial aid beforehand, including the $900 billion fund for the $600 stimulus checks last month. A week has passed since President Biden was took office to which there has been no progress in reaching a deal with the Republican legislators. However, Senate Democrats on the other hand, are currently putting together the measure as soon as the following week.

According to the president, the new $1.9 trillion aid that is being pushed is better than the possible damage to the economy if the relief plan will not proceed. Not only will it help fund the vaccinations, it would also help put citizens back to work, improve their salaries, and allow their children to go back to schools.

The president is also trying to convince the public on how the different parts of his proposal will work together. Aside from the $1,400 differential in the promised $2K direct payments to citizens, the government will allott $400 billion to propel the nationwide vaccination program and school reopenings. Furthermore, the minimum wage of state and local governments will be increased to $15, However this last aspect is opposed by most Republicans.

What Republican Lawmakers are Saying

Legislators from the Republican partly agree with Biden’s plan of hastening the vaccinations. Yet a Senate aide of the party said that there are more clamors for resolving the second impeachment case faced by former president Trump. Other Republicans on the other hand, do not agree as they see the new relief package as a the current administration’s way of saving state and local governments from going bankrupt.

While some members of the Republican party agree with the President’s proposal, but subject to a different condition. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, mentioned that he agrees and supports the financing for giving benefits to jobless citizens and funding the distributions of vaccine. However, he demands a full accounting of the remaining funds from the last financial aid packages.


Mining as a Service : Game Changing Approach to Running a Crypto Mining Business

Many are considering running their own bitcoin mining business to increase their digital assets, and as an alternative to buying BTCs at current high prices. Today, mining bitcoins or BTCs as an investment option is more feasible than before, because there are now mining farms that offer bitcoin mining as a service.

For the benefit of those who are not too familiar on how one gets to acquire cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, be in the know that there are two ways you can acquire a digital asset. One is to buy a specific number of units of BTCs in exchange for real money at the prevailing exchange rate. The second is by earning a unit of bitcoin as a reward for solving the complex hash of data related to each bitcoin transaction. The reward is a form of fee as solving the hash is a way of verifying the validity of the bitcoin transfer occurring in the blockchain platform.

Why Many are Considering the Option to Run Their Own Mining Business

BTC investments have reached an all time high ever since trading growth spurred sometime in mid December in year 2020. The participation of traditional Wall Street investors has ignited the demand for bitcoins, which caused the supply to dwindle. A great number of bitcoins has yet to be mined in order to increase the number of BTCs in circulation.

However, as the number of BTC transactions increases the more difficult it becomes for miners to solve the crypto hash. Mainly because every hash data related to the bitcoin being transferred will form part of the entire crypto puzzle that needs to be solved.

In the bitcoin economy, the law of demand and supply greatly affects the price of bitcoin, which is one reason why high volatility is a trait of BTC prices. Now if you will engage in bitcoin mining instead, as a way to increase your BTC resources, it will take more than just knowing how to solve hash puzzles to make this option truly profitable.

Why? You need to invest a lot of money on costly hardware and software that will enable you to solve hash puzzles in the shortest time possible, usually 10 minutes. The cost of mining does not stop there, because running the equipment requires a great deal of electricity that equates to high costs.

Over time, once you account how much bitcoin you earned as rewards and pit the total value against the total cost you incurred to earn the related reward, you could end up feeling disappointed. In most cases, the profits earned are not enough to bring a reasonable amount of return on investment (ROI), let alone profit.

Now here’s the thing, the outlook over the prospects of running a mining business has changed. There are now bitcoin mining farms that offer mining as a service.

About Providers of Bitcoin Mining as a Service

Know that the latest development in the cryptocurrency industry is the availability of bitcoin mining farms that offer mining as a service. It’s a game changing approach to running a startup mining business.

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